Add MIDI Support to VLC in OSX

I have just compiled an static version of glib-2.38.2 and fluidsynth-1.1.6 in order to easily add support for MIDI files to VLC-2.1.1 under OSX. If you want it you can get the plugin here. You will also need a SoundFont in .sf2 format, as this or this. For installation uncompress the .xz and copy it to put the .sf2 file somewhere and add a reference to it under Preferences(All)/InputCodecs/Audio Codecs/FluidSynth

If FluidSynth does not appear under AudioCodecs try to reset the VLC Plugin Cache with --reset-plugins-cache.

You can test it with for example this quite acceptable MIDI file.

Hope it helps!

UPDATE: It seems that VLC 2.2 changed library compatibility, recompiled against glib-2.44.1 and VLC-2.2.0 under OS X 10.10.4: libfluidsynth_plugin-2.2.dylib.xz

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